A Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL, that used to belong to Bono from U2, is up for sale

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A Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL, that used to belong to Bono from U2, is currently up for sale at the Car & Classic auction, that started this past weekend. It seems a quite normal car. But that impression stays only until you open the door. Any door.

It is a Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL from 1980. Bono apparently bought the car to celebrate the success that the “Boy” album achieved. The Irish rock band had launched the album that very year.

It look like any other SEL from outside. As expected, time left traces on the body of the 40-year old car. The radiator grille displays some dents. There are rust spots on the wings. The space between the hood and the wings seems uneven. It might be a hint that the car went through some crash.

Decorative chrome accents emphasize the angular elegant silhouette of the automobile.

The Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL that belonged to Bono features a jaw-dropping interior

The odometer of the Benz reads 262,000 kilometers. That is nothing to be surprised about. Yet there is something that might just make your jaw drop.

The doors, the seats and the armrests sport a radical animal print in shades of brown. But don’t worry. It wasn’t Bono who ordered the tweaks. It was one of the people that owned the car afterwards. The wooden inserts and the suede leather still remind of the elegance of the model from four decades ago.

The only change that Bono asked for was the installation of a professional audio system.

The car has joined the auction of Car & Classic that started this past weekend. The bid reached 14,000 pounds.