Mercedes C-Class electric will arrive in 2025 (with video)

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YouTube channel Car Spy Media has featured a short video of the upcoming Mercedes C-Class electric performing winter testing.

Photo: Capture Video Youtube Car Spy media

The video shows an almost entirely camouflaged car, but you can still see some details. The front grille is pushed forward and is perfectly vertical, framed by slim headlights, the front and rear consoles are quite short, and the bonnet is long. Also, the waistline is high, and the side windows are quite narrow. Surprisingly, the exterior door handles are classic and not hidden in the body, and the exterior mirrors are mounted on the fenders. The curved roof ends with a flat rear window and a small spoiler integrated into the trunk lid.

MB.EA platform will replace EVA II architecture

The electric Mercedes C-Class will be based on the MB.EA platform, which replaces the EVA II platform used in the EQE and EQS. MB.EA is a dedicated electric platform that will underpin all of Mercedes’ mid-size, large, and luxury-class models to be launched after 2025. The new MB.EA platform uses a modular structure, standardized batteries, and models based on MB.EA will initially be produced in Bremen, Germany, and Kecsemet, Hungary.

The MB.EA platform runs on 800V technology, the eATS 2.0 propulsion system comes from the EQXX concept, and the inverter with silicon carbide reduces switching losses.

The future electric C-Class will be around 4.70 meters long and slightly shorter than the current C-Class.
There will be versions with one motor on the rear axle or with two motors and an electric all-wheel drive. Unlike other Mercedes electric models, the AMG versions will use a different platform, called AMG.EA, which is based, among other things, on Yasa axial-flow motors, which provide superior dynamic performance.

Almost nothing is known about the interior, but it is possible that the future Mercedes C-Class electric will adopt the narrow full-width display of the EQXX concept rather than the portrait display of the current C-Class. But these are just speculations for now.

EQ will dissapear, the name will be simply Mercedes C-Class electric

According to unconfirmed rumors, the new electric Mercedes C-Class will not be called the EQC and the derivative SUV will not carry the EQC SUV name either. It looks like Mercedes will drop the EQC name, and the upcoming C-Class Electric and GLC Electric will simply be called C-Class EV and GLC EV.

The first model that will no longer carry the EQ name will be the new Mercedes CLA which will debut in the fall of 2024 and will be called the Mercedes CLA electric.