Mercedes-AMG G63 old and new. How different they actually are

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The ‘old-school’ Mercedes-AMG G63 is now face to face with the new generation. One of them belongs to Mat Watson from CarWow. The other one is… driven by Mat Watson from CarWow.

They may look quite similar, but they are different as they can be. The new generation, revealed exactly two years ago, received a new engine, as the 585-horsepower 850-Nm 4.0-liter V8, coupled to a 9-speed automatic gear box, replaced the former 5.5-liter unit of 571 horsepower and 760 Nm, connected to a 7-speed automatic gear box.

A furious roar from the rear, as the driver presses the throttle pedal, brings the old G-Wagon to life. Revved up, the new one is almost, almost there, but not quite.

The quarter-mile drag race between the two starts and the young G flashes along the track, quick and composed, while the old guy bounces on the tarmac, lifts its nose and gives Matt the feeling that it is somewhat unstable. In the end, a split second is between them.

Mercedes-AMG G 63 dropped from the helicopter

The second test is a race from 50 mph in Comfort mode. Thanks to the new gear box, the new G 63 is a ballerina, while the old one drags its solid boxy silhouette along the tarmac. Battle lost for the old guy once again, but the war is far from over.

In Manual mode, in the third gear, the former generation still has to be aware of its limitations.

The brake test has though a quite surprising result and the handling exam puts them worlds apart. Mat Watson also speaks of the design differences, space, practicality and features that equip the two. So which one would you rather go for? The old-school G-Wagon or the new one?