Santoni for AMG

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When the German precision and the Italian design style work hand in hand, this is what comes out: up-to-date leather accessories and a roaring driving experience. The latest products that AMG and Santoni sent out on the market, bear the “Santoni for AMG” label, to honor the G 63.

You need some flawless footwear to put the pedal to the metal in an AMG car. And the Santoni for AMG collection is coming up with a solution. The G 63 ankle boot on display is made of calfskin leather, completely hand-dyed in multiple layers and polished in shades of black. The bootleg and the sole are compact and flexible to make driving not a burden, but a pleasure.

Santoni for AMG

The “Santoni for AMG” ankle boots are entirely hand-made.

And once the driver gets out the car, he can confidently step towards the top of the mountain for some hiking. Or maybe just a day at the office. The ankle boots would perfectly match a backpack, available in two options: calfskin or buckskin leather. Just something to put some small picnic kit in, or maybe some papers for a full day’s work. The front pocket and the removable and adjustable shoulder strap provide the required flexibility.

Santoni for AMG

A backpack to match the ankle boots.

The Santoni for AMG collection also supplies the backpack with a wallet, available in black calfskin or grey buckskin leather, and also a matching belt. All articles bear the “G 63” logo.


The Story Started in A Garage

Have they come a long way after starting in a garage! The story of the AMG and that of Santoni have similar beginnings.

The Italian company, founded back in 1975, has been successfully combining the conventional and modern style tradition. Managed by Giuseppe Santoni, the brand has slowly, but quite securely become one of the top brands to provide leather goods.

About 8 years older than the Italians, the AMG brand is like Benjamin Button. Grows young instead of growing old. This is how they managed to build up a consistent portofolio, full of sporty saloons, SUVs, coupes, roadsters and custom-made vhicles for the pretencious amateurs of high-perfomance engines.

Even though they only have the garage birth certificate in commun, in 2010, AMG and Santoni joint hands to release the SLS AMG shoe collection, also certified by FIA. Then, in 2013, Santoni released a premium leisure shoe inspired by the A 45 AMG. The shoe also bore the label with the words that rhyme: Santoni for AMG.

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Completely hand made, the Santoni shoes brag about coming out of a special manufacturing technigue and high quality craftsmanship. That’s just about what AMG glamorizes. What comes out of this team work is available in the Santoni boutiques and on the mini-website of the collection,

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