GWAt is that? Mercedes-AMG GT S body kit rendered by GWA

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We will never get enough of this car! Will you? Before that happens, we bring you the Mercedes-AMG GT S insanely tweaked by GWA.

The Miami-based tuning experts have taken a completely normal, yet glorious looking Mercedes-AMG GT S and dressed it up to make it look like a road-devouring beast. For the time being, it is just a rendering, but what you see, is what you get, they claim.

Orange GWA

The renderings for the premium sporty from Mercedes-AMG show a brand-new splitter together with a new chrome grille with customized vertical slats. No information on the five-spoke star-shaped wheels yet, but they are obviously bigger than the GT’s standard ones.

Flared wheel arches at the front and at the rear, stuck to the car with bolts, remind us of the typical design of the Japanese tuning house Liberty Walk. Now both the show-off front and rear arches seem to be connected to each other through the side skirt.

The AMG GT S racer also got a there’s-no-way-you-can-miss-it rear wing, that comes with a set of matte black uprights. Underneath the super bold rear wing, the aggressive diffuser barely masks the quad tailpipes.

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  • Kim says:

    Has this guy Arturo Alonso from GWA ever actually built one of his many computer generated designs??
    I have searched the web high and low for any real car or custom rim he has actually built with real pics not clever computer generated pics dropped into scenic backgrounds.
    I can’t find any real cars made!!! Can someone enlighten me.