The cruel mutilation of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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This is one of those videos that are painful to watch, because a car is being treated badly. So we must warn you first: the following video contains images of a damaged limousine that might traumatize you.

The authors of the savage mutilation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class must be doped, drunk and crazy all at once to do that. The good news is that it was not their car. The bad news is that it was nobody’s car.

American rapper Chief Keef and his Glo Gang crew find an abandoned Mercedes-Benz S550 and destroy it even more than what it already was, by throwing bricks and other objects at it. And then they simply walk away from the crime scene.

The video has been published by the Chicago-born rapper and record producer himself, with no specific caption. So we still hope that this is all in the name of art, for some music video produced for the 20-year old and his clique.

The video below pretty much explains why the rapper sometimes has trouble with the law.

A 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is priced at around $100 000. So there go the $100 000…

Chief Keef and his gang are not the only ones to mutilate a Mercedes-Benz limousine this past week. Check out this crazy guy destroying his Benz: Angry man smashes Mercedes with a golf club! VIDEO.