Mercedes will produce AMG electric motors at the Berlin plant

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Mercedes is investing a low triple digit million euros over the next 6 years to produce AMG electric motors at the Berlin plant.

Mercedes announced this year the revision of its electrical strategy presented in October 2020. According to the new strategy, “Mercedes will move from Electric First to Electric only.”
Thus, from 2025 there will be three electric platforms: MB.EA for normal Mercedes models, VAN.EA for vans and AMG.EA for high performance AMG models.

AMG electric models will be powered by a new generation of engines after Mercedes took over the British electric motor specialist Yasa this summer.

The acquisition of Yasa allowed Mercedes access to unique axial-flow technology as a special design of synchronous motors with permanent excitation (PSM). This technology offers AMG electric motors a smooth operation, requires small space for instalation, generates a small amount of heat and very high torque.

In addition to the production of electric motors, Mercedes is building on the platform of the “Digital Factory Campus” where the development, testing and implementation of MO360 software applications (Mercedes-Benz cars Operation 360) will take place.

MO360 comprises a family of software applications that are linked through common interfaces and standardized user interfaces and supports the production of worldwide Mercedes vehicles with real-time data.