New Mercedes-AMG P3 PHEV system is able to recover energy while drifting

The new Mercedes-AMG GT 73
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Colleagues from has announced that the new   Mercedes-AMG P3 PHEV system can recover energy in drift mode.

Mercedes-AMG’s chief hybrid systems engineer, Jochen Schmitz, explains how energy can be conserved in drift mode.

“We use the electric system to slow down or take the load out of the ICE, putting it in the battery – then when the slippery condition is over the ICE is already on full load and you can accelerate much faster and while you’re drifting you are able to re-charge the battery. ” says Mr Schmitz, quoted by

The 9-speed AMG automatic transmission and the 4Matic + variable allwheel drive system can be disengaged for rear drive only. This allowed the introduction of a Drift mode which will recover energy on the new Mercedes-AMG P3 PHEV system.

As we already announced, the top model Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door, which will be called GT 73 or 73 e,  will combine the 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 612 HP with a 200 HP and 320 Nm electric motor. Thus, the future Mercedes-AMG GT 73 that will be presented before the end of the year will develop 816 HP and 1000 Nm and will be able to be drive fully electric up to 140 km/h.

The 6.1 kWh Li-Ion battery that benefits from the technology from the Mercedes-AMG F1 team weighs 89 kg. It will have a high-performance cooling system that will allow it to charge faster than other PHEV models.