Crisscrossing Corsica in the AMG “Emotion Tour”

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Five days, fifteen cars and some thousands of horsepower. That is the latest edition of the AMG “Emotion Tour”. The AMG Driving Academy sailed to Corsica for a typically AMG adventure.

A tour to Dreamland. A tour of the island where Napoleon was born in 1769, a moment that changed the European history. From historical spots to exclusive local cuisine, the Corsican AMG tour took driving enthusiasts on a memorable ride.

Mercedes-AMG Corsica

It was all sunshine, magnificent panoramas and the sound of Mercedes-AMG echoing through the valleys of the French island, where mountains make up two thirds of the land.

The AMG EMOTION-Tour Corsica invited AMG enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty of nature and performance design. Cruising along the coastal highway or conquering the twisty roads of the Corsican countryside in a five-day trip on the mountainous Mediterranean island offered the perfect playground for Driving Performance this September.

Mercedes-AMG Corsica

The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG, the A 45 AMG, the C 63 AMG, the AMG GT S and the E 63 AMG where few of the vehicles that ran the Corsican tour.

The varied, pristine landscape with its hills, mountains, bays and beaches is a perfect invitation to take unforgettable tours exploring exciting new territories, bend by bend. The hotels Les Bergeries and Marinca have provided the welcoming shelter for relaxing and the ideal starting points for exploring and properly enjoying the Mediterranean way of life.

All this experience cannot possibly come for free. All those who got behind the wheel of the AMGs had to pay  2,990 euros for the vehicle, the accommodation and the tours guided by professional drivers.

The training courses organized by AMG started way back, in 2007, taking drivers onto the world famous tracks like the Nurburgring, Hockenheim and Spa-Francorchamps, but also to scenic places like Cannes, Corsica, Affalterbach and ice polar regions. All in the name of the AMG emotion and performance.