Mercedes-Maybach confirmed for reveal. When will we see it?

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The future Mercedes-Maybach has been confirmed by the premium car maker. The official reveal of the luxury saloon is just hours away. When exactly will we see it?

The Mercedes-Maybach has been confirmed for the official reveal on the 19th of November during a special live-streamed event.

The premium car maker teases the luxury saloon with a photo showing the rear pillar before the official debut. It is there where the inverted shield-shaped logo of the sub-brand appears. The photo confirms that the two-tone paint scheme remains in the cards.

The future Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will get an 18-centimeter longer wheelbase compared to the standard S-Class of 3,106 millimeters. Therefore the new generation should get 3,186 millimeters between its front and rear axle, which is still longer than the extended-wheelbase S-Class. This translates into extra space for the rear passenger and more room for luxury.

Every new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will come with the executive seats and with the chauffeur package as standard. Therefore, the premium flagship will turn itself into a “comfortable workplace or a calming retreat from the world outside”, the German car makes claims.

Precious materials such as leather and wood and state-of-the-art tech will create the atmosphere worthy of a Maybach. The calf rests of the executive seats will feature massage function. There will also be special heating for the neck and shoulders areas of the passengers occupying the rear seats.

The sub-brands enthusiasts will learn more about the equipment when the car makes its debut.

The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, the only model of the brand with a V12 engine

The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will most likely be the only model of the brand with a V12 engine. The saloon should also get an electrified powertrain integrating the 4.0-liter V8 engine.

The new Maybach generation makes its debut tomorrow, 19th of November.