Mercedes GLA, Among Sand Dunes and Volcanos

GLA Around the World
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The sun rises with the Mercedes GLA. The new GLA 45 AMG 4MATIC started a journey in the Land of the Rising Sun. A Japanese filmmaker and a music composer took it on a special cruise, that started in Tokyo and finished at Mount Fuji. Ride with us to the still active volcano and around the world.

Not quite a symphony for the highbrowed music lovers, but at least one for the AMG sound lovers. The Japanese music composer Tatsuya Yamada has recorded the sound of the GLA 45 AMG 4MATIC and simply converted it into a stormy track. Him and his filmmaker partner Ryosei Suzuki put their imagination to the test all the way from the Tokyo metropolis to the tallest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji. It was only a 100 kilometers drive, but the experience displayed magnificent scenaries. The Mercedes looks like it is going to start a sunset duel with Japan’s 3,780 meter active volcano, that last erupted in 1707.


The GLA also reached Egypt. We can see the SUV cruising through sand dunes lik a a Pharoh and rushing along the highway to Cairo. No camels involved, just horses. Power horses. “Never mind the last time you just drifted. It’s this time that matters”. This is how the Egyptians advertise for the GLA, advising clients to push their limits.

Promising to never stop going forward, Mercedes came to Europe to… go down. No salt, no taste, they say. Well, it seems like the GLA has lots of taste in a salt mine. They put the GLA in an elevator and took it, head first, 189 meters below, in a salt mine in Chesire, Great Britan. Wearing improvised headlamps like the miners, but also the optional Intelligent Light System, the GLA rolled among scaffolds used for exploitation and exacavators, straight into the core of the earth, through 130 miles tunnels (209 km).


With prices starting 29,303 euros and a low driving position, the GLA puts together the benefits of a compact model with those of a compact SUV.

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