Mercedes-Benz presents its history online

Public M@RS
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Mercedes-Benz has just announced that fans can access the historical archives by simply going online. Anyone interested about the subject can go to the Public M@RS website, without login at the following address

The new portal contains information, documents, pictures and much more from the premium car manufacturer.

Patent certificate from 1886

Patent certificate from 1886

The abbreviation “M@RS” stands for Multimedia Archive and Research System. Under this name, Mercedes Benz Classic developed 15 years ago an online website containing information from the archives where journalist and researchers can explore the backgrounds of Daimler history. This database was the starting point for the development of the Public M@RS portal, where the technical data and illustrations are structured in five historical chapters. What’s more, the initially available content will be further extended in order to include more subject areas from company’s history and products.

A future always needs a past, and innovation is built on tradition

These classic archives present the foundation of the company to anyone around the world who is interested about the subject. According to Mercedes-Benz, In almost 130 years of automotive history, their archives are one of the most comprehensive in Europe, with a precise objective in the automotive industry. Their history officially starts with the administrative order No. 1145 from 1936, which instructed engineer Max Rauck to “collect and examine our historical literature and photographic material for the purpose of establishing and managing an historical archive.”

Mercedes-Benz victory poster for the 1995 Mille Miglia by Anton Stankowski,

Mercedes-Benz victory poster for the 1995 Mille Miglia by Anton Stankowski,

Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic and Customer Center said that the Public M@RS provides information from the brand, company and technology history in the form of an extensive database. Furthermore he commented that he aim is to bring such resources even closer to the audience.



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