More Images With the Upcoming Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

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It’s inevitable that the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake will be called the baby CLS and, by looking at these images, you can see why. The light camouflage it’s wearing makes it even easier to spot the similarities.

The days when you had to choose between a beautiful car and a practical and roomy one are long gone. It wasn’t Mercedes who pioneered this trend but it’s them who’re now taking it further with these shooting brakes.

The CLA followed naturally after the CLS in switching from the weird four door coupe silhouette, to the even weirder one of a four door shooting brake coupe. Or whatever.

The fact is that, with the CLA Shooting Brake, you don’t have to give up on as many practicalities as with the CLA. You now have a much larger boot with a wider loading area and improved head room for the rear passengers. And the best thing is that you still get a very attractive car.

But the best news is still to come. It’s almost a certainty that the CLA Shooting Brake will also come in the AMG guise, just like the standard CLA, GLA or A-Class.

The CLA Shooting Brake will be presented officially at the beginning of the next year.

Foto: Automedia