Mercedes will launch C-Class and E-Class Plug-In Hybrid diesel in autumn 2018

The new generation Mercedes Plug-In Hybrid diesel
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Despite diesel ban policy in some big cities, Mercedes will launch C-Class and E-Class Plug-In Hybrid diesel in autumn 2018.

Mercedes will for the first time pair its modern 4 cylinder diesel with an externally chargeable hybrid system.

The new C-Class and E-Class Plug-In Hybrid diesel will combine the new OM 654 4 cylinder engine with a 90 kW and 440 Nm electric engine and the latest generation 9G-Tronic 9 speed hybrid transmission.
Mercedes does not announce yet the power of the whole propulsion system but promise a 700 Nm torque available from as low as 1,400 rpm.

The electric range will be 50 km according to NEDC cycle test thanks to a new lithium-ion battery which can store 13.5 kWh of energy. The new battery can store more energy while the size of the battery has remained the same. The evolution of the cell chemistry from lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePo) to lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt (Li-NMC) made it possible for the cell capacity to be increased from 22 to 37 Ah. The batteries are produced in the new Mercedes subsidiary Deutsche Accumotive.

The new on-board charger doubles the charging rate from 3.6 kW to 7.2 kW. Mercedes launch also a new generation of walbox for charging Plug-In Hybrids and electrice vehicles at home with a capacity of up to 22 kWh. There will be three versions of the new Wallbox: the basic Wallbox Home, the internet capable Wallbox Advanced and the Wallbox Twin for  charging two vehicles at the same time (each with 11 kWh).

The Plug-In Hybrid technology and the electric range of 50 km will allow driven g with zero emissions in the cities when diesel in ban by the authorities..



  • Keith Watson says:

    Will the facelifted petrol hybrid still be available and will this be before Autumn 2018 ?

    • Razvan Magureanu says:

      Should be but in Europe is a madness with the new WLTP cycle. many models are notavailable these months until the new WLTP measurement are done. C-Class will start next month June only with conventional engines.

    • Razvan Magureanu says:

      IN Europe yes. I don’t know if it will come before autumn also in USA.