AMG – Ah, My God!

Mercedes Boosts Supplies for the CLA in the USA
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AMG stands for “Ah, My God!” That’s what the Americans said after having been mesmerized by the CLA 45. But the CLA has run short in the USA, as it turned out to be a phenomenal success. “It was our best launch in 20 years”, says the Mercedes-Benz CEO from America, Steven Canon.

“When was the last time you felt something that you just couldn’t put into words? We couldn’t find an expression for that feeling, so we simply made one up. Ah My God!” This is what AMG stands for, claims the new CLA 45 AMG TV commercial, that convinced the customers between the Pacific and the Atlantic to get the showrooms empty in no time. As granadiose as it may sound, the AMG dragon that breathes fire, together with his fellow range members, are top priority for the American fans of the 3-pointed star brand.

The Mercedes-Benz executives have confirmed that the dealers are dangerously short on units, as they have gone under a 10-day supply. For reference, a 60-day supply is considered to be safe.

In the United States, Mercedes sold 14 113 CLAs in the four months it was on sale, last year. “We could have sold double if it wasn’t for the supply limit.”, is the statement of the Daimler CEO, Dieter Zetsche, as he promises that Mercedes will boost supplies for the USA.

The Mercedes factory in Kecskemet, Hungary added a third shift this past spring, to feedback the high demand for the CLA. “We will not let our customers wait too long”, the Daimler CEO says. But while they wait, they can enjoy the CLA ad, that guarantees the “Ah, My God” exclamation once they sit behind the wheel.