Mercedes-Benz CLA from car2go is held hostage by customer

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A Mercedes-Benz CLA is being held hostage by a Seattle resident. The 4-door coupe belongs to car2go and is parked in the resident’s driveway. The man accuses the company of trespassing. 

Apparently, the car was illegally parked in Dan Smith’s driveway on May 17th. Since then, he has been keeping it there. Smith rents out the building to tenants and one of them claims that this is not the first time it happens. He even called various companies and asked them to tow the car away, but they refused, since there is no sign indicating that the respective parking spot is on private property.

He announced the company owning the Benz, car2go, that they had two hours to come and remove the vehicle from his property, but the company failed to show up within the deadline. So he improvised a barrier and demanded $300 to lift the barricade and $65 per day as storage fee. He also requires a “harassment fee” of $445, as he was constantly bothered by customers trying to retrieve the car.

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“We will not allow anyone acting with ulterior motives, including anyone attempting to extort our business by holding our property illegally, to prevent us from providing transportation to the citizens of Seattle”, car2go communicated to the AP.

Smith still holds his ground and the barricade is still up, but the Seattle resident says that police intervention would convince him to remove it.