The Life-Saving Code

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Two minutes don’t mean much. But they can mean the world for those who don’t have much time left. Mercedes-Benz launched the Fast Rescue Assist. It is a life-saving system, as it can transmit information about the car by a simple scan with any smart phone or tablet, at the crash scene.

The new system would help extract the occupants of the car involved in an accident by two minutes faster than the usual time this intervention would take. The Quick Response codes (QR) contain information that may help the emergency crew at the crash scene and can improve the survival rate. The rescue workers would only need to scan the code stuck on the inside of the fuel filler cap and on the opposing door aperture. They will not need to access a database to locate the exact model of the car anymore as they are currently doing.

The data provided by the QR codes will consist of important details about the manufacturing, about the model and about the location of any high voltage power cables when it comes to hybrid vehicles.

All the new Mercedes-Benz models will bear such QR codes, but the codes can also be retrofitted to any model built after 1990. Mercedes encourages other automakers to use the technology of the QR code stickers. See exactly how Fast Rescue Assist works in the following video.