Three New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Versions From 2018

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The German magazine Auto Bild, no. 1 European car magazine, informs that the future 2018 A-Class generation will have three more versions: a classic coupe with two doors, a sporty Shooting Brake with two doors and a compact roadster.

Auto Bild presents the first computer pictures of a three new Mercedes A-Class sporty derivatives: a classic coupe, a shooting brake and a refined roadster. Under the code W 177, the fourth A-Class generation will have six derivatives: hatchback (W 177, 2018), limousine (new version, V 177, 2018), coupe (new version, C 177, 2019),the  CLA (C 188, 2019), the CLA Shooting Brake (X 118, 2019) and the GLA (X 256, 2020).

Regarding the coupe, Mercedes-Benz had to choose between a cheap entry level three-door or a sporty coupe with an independent body. And it seems that they chose the second version, which will be positioned above the A-Class, but closer to the A-Class than the CLA. If Mercedes-Benz will use the new logistic for names, the future roadster could be named the SLA.

For the roadster and Shooting Brake Mercedes-Benz must increase the A-Class production at plants from Rastatt, Kecskemet and especially from China. Shooting brake has a chance only in Europe and the question is, whether or not two-door coupe and a two-door shooting brake will compete internally. Auto Bild published a declaration of a Mercedes-Benz responsible manager who said: “A coupe is a spicy sporty variant and the Shooting Brake is a lifestyle version oriented to more comfort”.

The actual MFA platform allows a wide range of versions based on A-Class architecture. But for the roadster some additional investments are needed for the textile roof and for the roll over protection. Mercedes-Benz sees this future roadster not as a competitor for Audi A3 Cabrio or BMW 2 Series cabrio, but closer to the future Audi TT Roadster and the future BMW Z4.

With all these sporty versions and a limousine, Mercedes will have nine derivatives in the compact class, more than any other premium competitor.

According to Jurgen Doring, head of Mercedes-Benz cars Powertrain strategy, the Plug-In Hybrid system could also be adapted for the MFA platform. This means that we will also see some Plug-In Hybrid models, but, because of the needed space, the Plug-In versions will probably be reserved to the limousine, the CLA, the B-Class and the GLA, but not for sporty versions.