The Second Generation of the Mercedes EQC Will Be Launched in the U.S. Around 2025

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The second generation of the Mercedes EQC will be available in the U.S. around 2025, along with the Mercedes C-Class electric, according to an Automotive News report.

Mercedes informed the US dealers this month that they will receive a redesigned Mercedes EQC and an electric Mercedes C-Class around 2025, according to information provided by Automotive News.

The current EQC debuted in the fall of 2018, being the first member of the Mercedes EQ family of electric models. There were plans to import this model into the U.S. as well, but eventually Mercedes gave up earlier this year.

Instead, Mercedes decided to enter the American market of electric models with a more sophisticated and expensive model built on the dedicated EVA platform. This is the new Mercedes EQS but also its derivatives. In the summer of 2022will arrive Mercedes EQE followed by EQE SUV and EQS SUV.

The current Mercedes EQC model is built on GLC’s platform with which it shares front and rear axles and safety structure.

The latest information announces that the next generation Mercedes EQC will use the new MMA platform, which is a platform developed with priority for electric propulsion but which also supports other types of propulsion such as conventional or PHEV.

Unlike Audi, which will use the new PPE platform developed with Porsche from the middle class above with the future Audi A4 electric (A4 e-tron), Mercedes has decided that the EVA platform will remain reserved only for business class models upwards. This mean the smallest model built on EVA platform is the new Mercedes EQE.

Therefore, both the future Mercedes EQC and the first electric C-Class I wrote about here will use the new compact MMA platform that will represent also the basis of the future compact models from A, B, CLA, GLA family.
The first model on the MMA platform will debut in 2024 but Mercedes has not announced which one it will be.

On the other hand, the EVA platform will not have a very long life. From 2025, Mercedes will have only three electric platforms along with MMA: MB.EA for business class models up, AMG.EA for Mercedes performance models and VAN.EA for light commercial vehicles.

As we were  informed from a responsible PR from Mercedes, the EVA platform will be replaced in 2025 by the new MB.EA platform.

Mercedes changed its electric strategy this summer and move from Electric First to Electric Only. The luxury carmaker from Stuttgart wants to offer only electric models from 2030 where market conditions will allow it.