Mercedes-AMG builds Porsche 718 Cayman rival

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Mercedes-AMG is getting ready to take on the Porsche 718 Cayman with a baby supercar of its own. The board of management is on the verge to greenlight the new model, as a direct successor of the SLC, which might be phased out after the life cycle of the current generation comes to an end.

The new two-seater would be positioned below the GT series in the AMG line-up and will come with a price comparable with that of its Porsche rival. Two bodystyles would be available: a fixed-roof coupe to fight the 718 Cayman and a roadster to fight the 718 Boxter.

What would be the fifth AMG-made family member would be available with two standard power outputs, similar to the future A35 and A45 hothatches, in a more track-focused engine variant.

The interest generated by the GT4 model was the one that sparked the imagination of the board managers, but its price of approximately $200,000 makes quite aspirational. The new car – that should gain popularity with the help of its more accessible price – wouldn’t come cheap though, since developing a dedicated mid-engined platform would require major financial and human resources.

The British website claims that the Cayman rival could share various elements with the upcoming eighth-generation SL, which is under development at the Affalterbach power house. This would bring a front-mid-mounted engine, positioned behind the front axle, but ahead of the cabin, and rear-wheel drive.