Mercedes C-Class electric on MMA platform?

Rival for Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4
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Mercedes recently unveiled the new Mercedes C-Class W206 but did not give any details about a possible electric version. German magazine auto motor und sport  speculates that a future Mercedes C-Class electric could be built on the MMA platform.

Like VW, Mercedes has adopted a radical solution for future electric models by developing a completely separate platform, called EVA.
On this platform, Mercedes has already announced the upcoming Mercedes EQS and Mercedes EQE sedans and the EQS SUV and EQE SUV SUVs. But Mercedes says nothing about a possible Mercedes C-Class electric.

Mercedes currently uses the MRA II platform for conventional and Plug-In Hybrid models that are based on rear-wheel drive. This category includes all limousines from C-Class to S-Class and all SUVs from GLC to GLS.

However, the current electric models from Mercedes are based on conventional platforms: MRA II modified for EQC and MFA II modified for EQA and EQB.  Mercedes announced in October 2020 that in addition to the EVA platform for high-class models, it will develop a second platform dedicated to electric propulsion for compact and middle-class models that will be called MMA.

At the time of the announcement in the fall of 2020, we did not pay much attention to the fact that Mercedes specified that the MMA platform will be dedicated to compact and MIDDLE CLASS  electric models.

This is because in terms of conventional propulsion and PHEV, the C-Class uses the MRA II platform having the same base as the larger models E-Class and S models.

Now, the electric propulsion changes the organization of the segments and the future electric C-Class will join the compact class models with which it will share the new MMA platform.

In the October 2020 presentation, Mercedes announced 5 electric models on the MMA platform but did not give any information. Auto motor und sport claims that the first model on the new MMA architecture will appear in 2024 and could be a combination between an SUV and a limousine (SUL) or a normally slightly taller limousine. In 2024, a facelift is planned for the new C-Class W206, but no electric version is planned.

Markus Schafer, head of development at Mercedes, said the new MMA platform is also suitable for C-Class-sized vehicles. In fact, there is a difference of only 5 cm between the compact 4-door CLA coupe built on the MFA II platform and the new Mercedes C-Class.

The big surprise is that the MMA platform will also be able to receive conventional engines. Markus Schafer said that the MMA platform was developed primarily for electric propulsion but that it can also receive conventional engines. It does not matter that the new MMA architecture can only be used for models with 3 or maximum 4-cylinder engines.
The new C-Class has already given up on 6-cylinder engines and that is why it is possible that the next generation Mercedes C-Class will be developed on the MMA platform. It is also perfect also for PHEV propulsion systems.

Mercedes has announced 10 electric models by 2025. In addition to EQC, EQV, EQA and EQB which are transition models, being built on conventional platforms follow the four luxury models on the dedicated EVA platform: EQE, EQS, EQE SUV and EQS SUV .
A total of 8 models. There are still two unknowns until 2025 that will surely come on the MMA Platform that starts in 2024. One of them could be this SUL, a mix between limousine and SUV or a limousine just a little taller.

One thing is for sure: Mercedes needs a rival for the Tesla Model 3 and the new BMW i4. And an electric Mercedes C-Class would be the perfect candidate.