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Mercedes EQ C spy

2019-2020: Mercedes EQC and EQA

The first EQ model of Mercedes’ electric sub-brand is an SUV the size of a GLC. The model is based on the EVA I modular platform, expected to spawn at least eight distinct zero-emissions models. Two electric motors will be mounted directly the front and rear axle, with the modular lithium-ion battery (model-specific total capacity of 70-110 kWh) built-in the vehicle floor. The power of the drive is scalable: maximum is up to 300 kW and 700 Nm. The range is up to 500 km. Next in line is the compact EQA, basically an electric A-Class with high-tech design and powertrain. DISCOVER THE ENTIRE MERCEDES-EQ RANGE/PLAN IN OUR EXTENSIVE REPORT HERE.

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