Clearer Pictures of the Next BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series
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We present new pictures of the new BMW 7 Series, in which we can clearly see the shape of the headlamps. The next 7 Series generation is due to release in September 2015.

Here are new spy-shots of a prototype for the 2015 BMW 7-Series, which finally show the car without the irritating plastic panels hiding the true design of the car. Unhappilly, the swirling black-and-white camo, however, is still there.

While the exterior looks quite different from the current model, the platform underpinning the car will be heavily updated, too. BMW is revolutionizing the way it builds its cars in an effort to converge with increasing environmental consciousness, as well as ever-tightening emissions regulations coming into action across the globe. This means lighter construction, more fuel-efficient engines and some never-before-seen Efficient-Dynamics technologies, such as thermoelectric devices for its future cars.

Using construction techniques learned from developing the new i3 and i8 electrified vehicles, the structure of the 2016 BMW 7-Series is likely to incorporate a mix of materials, with carbon fibre used in addition to conventional aluminium and steel. Expect to see lightweight carbon fibre panels used for the roof, hood and trunk lid. The lighter weight should not only improve economy, but also the handling, braking performance and acceleration.

Standard powertrain options will likely include six-, eight- and twelve-cylinder options, all with direct-injection and turbocharging technologies.

The 2015 BMW 7-Series will also see the introduction of a plug-in hybrid model, which will probably combine a six inline turbo petrol engine with an electric motor in an effort to compete with the new Mercedes S 500 Plug-In Hybrid.

For the performance fans, expect a new M Performance model fitted with a twin-turbocharged V8. It seems that this version will be the one with the best performance, due to the fact that BMW is not in favour of building an M version for its luxury saloon.

As for technology, expect a myriad of traffic warning systems and convenience features, such as self-parking and even some autonomous driving capability. BMW has just announced a partnership with the automotive technology supplier Continental, to further develop its autonomous car technology, which should debut on its 2015 7-Series. You can also expect the latest in connectivity, for which BMW has partnered with Harman to develop. The new 7-Series should offer full WiFi capability, downloadable apps, 3D maps with real-time traffic and weather updates, and increased voice activation.