Someone Bleached the W222 Mercedes-Benz S 560 and It Looks So… White

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The years pass and the Mercedes-Benz W222 keeps its elegant stance. The W223, introduced last year, may be all sleek and minimalist, but there are some people who still feel nostalgic about the former generation of the premium sedan. And some are still willing to experiment with its all-so-familiar looks.

The car got in the hands of Trademarqq Motorsports (TMQ Motorsport), a South California aftermarket shop. “New work fresh out of the freezer!”, that is how they announced the frozen-looking Mercedes-Benz S 560 on Instagram. They kicked off with a 3M vinyl wrap. They proceeded to the radiator grille and even the ADAS sensors and camera plate has turned white.

Photos do not show it, but we expect the exact same bleaching treatment at the rear. The shop mentions a painted rear diffuser and we see that the three-pointed star logo has gone white.

The chrome finishes are long gone, being replaced with all-white ones. Except for the wheels. The sedan received a set of 22-inch Forgiatos, the Biaforca model in chrome, and Michelin tires. These wheels with spectacular design are available as far as 34 inches. Yes, you read that right.

But the owner decided to keep a low profile in his bleach-white Mercedes-Benz S 560 while rolling in the streets of Los Angeles. 22 seems just right for the sedan.

A ceramic coat protects this motorized Snow White until the owner decides he wants something else. And considering his lifestyle, it probably won’t take that long.

The car belongs to Chill Ricoo, an American entrepreneur, and it used to be black. Quite a radical change that is, isn’t it? His Instagram profile is full of cars, a Rolls-Royce included. But it is unclear how many of those are his.


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