The CarBuzz portal published on instagram a short video in which a camouflaged Mercedes EQE SUV, performing its last tests before the official presentation, gets stuck in the sand on Oceano Dunes in California but manages to get out of the tangle in the end.

Photo: Captured screen CarBuzz Instagram

The video published by CarBuzz was received from loyal reader Tyler Henry. Mercedes engineers on the scene told Henry that they “already called Elon because they work for Tesla”.
He got into their comical game and asked them why they were wearing Mercedes t-shirts, at which point the silence subsided.

The Mercedes EQE SUV Tyler Henry caught was being tested on the sands of the Oceano Dunes in California. The reader who forwarded the video to CarBuzz has a Jeep Wrangler that handled the soft sand with no problems while the Mercedes EQE SUV got stuck in the loose sand.

In the end the Mercedes EQE SUV manages to get out backwards. The EQE SUV is the fourth model built on the dedicated EVA electric platform after the Mercedes EQS, EQE and EQS SUV. It uses the same electric all-wheel drive system from the Mercedes EQS SUV and EQS which is based on the Torque Shifting function. This allows for optimal torque distribution between the front and rear axle engines using the CPC (Central Powertrain Controller) system which is actually the brain of the Mercedes EQE SUV and which decides which is the best solution. CPC distributes the torque of the two engines depending on the chosen driving mode.

As there is no mechanical link between the axles, it was to be expected that the electric all-wheel drive would not provide the same level of traction like a conventional all wheel drive system. Unfortunately, there is no Traction mode in the Driving modes (there are only Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual modes) that allows both engines to run continuously at low speeds for maximum traction in situations like the soft sand of California.




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