Young prodigy meets the Mercedes-Benz design guru

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Dreams do come true when you work hard for them. A 16-year old kid saw his coming to life when he got a call from the Mercedes-Benz Design chief himself: “Come visit us, won’t you?”

16-year old Joosua Kuusela from Finland got on a plane and landed in Germany to get to the Design Headquarter Daimler AG in Sindelfingen as fast as he could. He was about to see his dream come true.

.Kai Sieber, the Head of Design Vans & Trucks, had laid his eyes on the kid’s drawings: “When I first saw his sketch, I said ‘Wow, that is a very advanced design!” He immediately wrote to young Joosua: “Great job! You want to come to the Mercedes-Benz Design headquarter and show us more of your work?”

And he already knew the answer of the young prodigy from Finland:

“I really couldn’t believe it when Kai Sieber contacted me and invited me. It was amazing meeting me. It was like a dream come true”, said the future designer, who also got the chance of a lifetime: he meet the design guru Gordon Wagener, the chief of the entire Mercedes-Benz Design division.

“It is very important to stay fresh and stay and stay with a distance as a designer. Because you must not stay too close in front of your design, because you will not see the world”, was the piece of advice given by Wagener.

Joosua Kuusela saw that every design starts with a simple sheet of paper. Than sketches are translated into scale models. The scale models go into full scale. And then there is the cast. Months of development follow until we see the car on the road.

Now Joosua Kuusela is dreaming of going back to the Mercedes-Benz Design headquarters. As a designer.