You can’t crash the uncrashable car: Mercedes-Benz with Brake Assist PLUS

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Those who love to crash will hate it. Those who hate to crash will love it. The uncrashable car simply can’t crash: it’s got the Brake Assist Plus. Or just magnets. Yeah, forgot to mention: we’re talking about kids loving to crash toy -cars!

Girls adore to dress up dolls and eventually destroy them. Boys love to take cars for a ride around the house and eventually crash them. It is in the simple nature of the future grown-ups.

Uncrashable Brake Assist PLUS

But what happens if the toy-cars are uncrashable? Bet you never thought about that, have you? Well, it is not just toy-cars, but real ones, too!
To promote the Brake Assist System PLUS, Mercedes-Benz installed super strong magnets into toy cars. And delivered them to people with the highest demands on safety: families. They can test live, in the comfort of their own homes, that a simple system installed in a car can avoid crashing. But there are members of the family who absolutely hate the system in their toys: it’s the kids! Check out how they react after hours and hours of trying to crash them!

If you’ve got the Brake Assist System PLUS installed in your Mercedes, it does not mean you don’t need an insurance, eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, though!