First look: 2021 Mercedes-EQ S electric flagship sedan revealed

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This is the car that will most likely sit at the top of Mercedes’ new eco sub-brand EQ and be called the Mercedes-Benz EQS. The electric brother of the S-Class, but a car of its own in terms of both styling and tech.

Just as the EQC is different from a GLC, the EQS will be different from the S-Class. Not a regular S-Class with a battery pack mounted on the chassis, then, but a completely unique model which could have a range of up to 500 kilometers. The new electric sedan will be based on the MEA platform (modular electric architecture) for vehicles with pure electric propulsion systems. The electric motors sit on the axles, the batteries in the vehicle floor.

Based on the latest espionage images published by, that model is not just revolutionary but looks like a spaceship. The electric top limousine does not hide its length at all. A considerable part of the gigantic distance between the front and rear bumper is absorbed by the cabin, as is also the case with the Jaguar i-Pace. As a result, the nice, long nose of the regular S-Class is sacrificed, but this move certainly yields a lot of interior space.

It is striking that the roof line with this test model merges almost seamlessly into the tailgate. The EQS does not seem like a sedan, but a liftback. In fact the prototype caught here features a hatchback style tailgate. Given the size and format, the EQS seems to be Porsche Panamera-like in terms of proportions and dimensions. The nose is low and equipped with razor-sharp headlights in the style of the A-Class and the CLS. We can expect the EQS to carry the same illuminated highlights and digital grille styling from the EQA and EQC concepts.

The EQS is only part of the expansion of the EQ range from Mercedes, and moreover not the most important for the ordinary people. That is undoubtedly the EQA, a compact model of, you guessed it, adopts the compact A-Class format.

Mercedes-Benz will introduce the EQS all-electric luxury sedan in late 2020, which should become the flagship of the new EQ series, although the name for the moment is only theoretical, given its position in the brand’s catalog. The sedan belongs to the segment of the S-Class, but is not just an electrified version of it, as we have already mentioned.