The World Champion: 30 and Fabulous

The Mercedes AMG Petronas driver has just turned 30
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Lewis Hamitlon has just turned 30 and the two-time world champion told fans: “I am going for number three.” The Mercedes AMG Petronas driver has celebrated his birthday in England, where he returned after spending the New Year in New York, with on-off girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger.

After traveling the world for driving to his champion title and for some luxurious holidays, Lewis Hamilton celebrated his 30th birthday back home, with his family and with his girlfriend, the pop singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton posted photos of his special days on Instagram and Twitter and thanked his mother for bringing him into this world. He got wishes from the Mercedes AMG Petronas team, but the most interesting was from his teammate and rival, Nico Rosberg, who thinks Hamilton is not… 30 and fabulous, but 30 and old! The German amusingly made fun of his age: “You are old now. Hopefully it will be easier for me now!”

Lewis Hamilton 30 and fabulous


Nico’s teasing is just an irony, as he is only six months younger than Lewis Hamilton. “We’ve known each other for 20 years, we’re not friends”, Nico Rosberg said at the end of the season, after Hamilton had won the title.

For Hamilton’s birthday, it was Rosberg who got the most interesting present. He got Bailey, a blue Great Dane puppy that is currently 2 months old. By the age of one year old, little Bailey will be about 40 kilograms and will continue to grow.

Nico Rosberg Bailey

Hamilton also has a dog. A bulldog called Roscoe, that he takes around the world in his 30 million euro private jet. As seen in the pictures, Roscoe is portrayed on his master’s helmet and the dog is the only one Hamilton lends his car to.


Three facts connected with 30 in Lewis Hamilton’s career:

  1. Lewis Hamilton is one of the seven drivers in history to have exceeded 30 Formula One victories: 33. The other six are: the all-time recordman Michael Schumacher (91), Alain Prost (51), Ayrton Senna (41), Sebastian Vettel (39), Fernando Alonso (32) and Nigel Mansell (31).
  2. He also joined the elite list of the drivers getting more than 30 pole positions in their career. Again, Michael Schumacher tops the ranking (68), Ayrton Senna (65), Sebastian Vettel (45), Jim Clark (33), Alain Prost (33) and Nigel Mansell (32).
  3. Hamilton is the only driver to get more than 30 Mercedes-Benz powered victories in Formula 1 (33).