With the Mercedes SLC 500 (C107) on the Nurburgring (video)

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On the Nurburgring racetrack you generally go with sports cars. What does a tour of the Nurburgring look like with a Mercedes SLC 500 (C107)? The most comfortable in the world!

An enthusiast thought of trying to take a tour of the famous Nurburgring racetrack with a Mercedes SLC 500 (C107).

The third generation of the SL/SLC roadster/coupe was produced from 1971 to 1989. The model that ran on the Nurburgring is equipped with the top engine for the SLC coupe version (there was a 5.6-liter V8 for SL only):  5 liters V8 normal aspirated with 240 HP/5000 rpm and 402 Nm/3200 rpm.

It was produced only one year from 1980 to 1981. In 1980 it replaced the former SLC 450 with 225 HP and in 1981 it was replaced by the new 380 SEC and 500 SEC coupe range of the new W126 series.

The co-driver of the enthusiast who drove the Mercedes SLC 500 on the Nurburgring circuit said:
“This must be one of the most comfortable laps I have ever been and still being fast and so enjoyable.”

The co-driver is Misha Charoudin, an amateur racing driver who managed to finish the 24-hour race at the 2021 Nurburgring at the wheel of a Dacia Logan MK1. He placed penultimate ahead of a Porsche Cayman while 25 crews gave up.