Why Exhaust Treatment System Efficiency Matters & What It Can Reveal?

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During car repairs, mechanics often talk about the low or high efficiency of the autocatalyst. This part is installed inside the exhaust pipe. The converter has a limited service life. Therefore, the concept of efficiency is quite understandable.

Dmitry Mikhailov, a representative of AutoCatalyst Market. Explains how to evaluate this efficiency and what it means. His experience in the field is over 17 years. Let’s talk in more detail about what Dmitry told.

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What The Converter Does? 

This part is very important for the overall operation of the car. It helps to purify the exhaust gases, which can be harmful and are generated due to the combustion of the fuel you use. It is impossible to avoid this process, but it is enough to control it.

Thus, the amount of harmful impurities entering the environment is reduced. If you are planning to buy such a mechanism, check the current price list. The prices are described there.

How To Understand That There Are Problems? 

There are two parameters that indicate whether it is necessary to find out about catalytic converter scrap:

  • Increased fuel consumption. You may notice that you are spending more money on refueling. This could be due to internal car malfunctions rather than an increase in your travel duration.
  • Difficult engine start in warm weather. Sometimes it takes several minutes to start the car. You get the feeling that something is preventing you from doing so.

Pay attention to these small indicators. This can prevent more serious problems associated with the engine. And if replacement is needed, you will need to find out the price on the market. Original parts can be expensive.

Evaluation of Efficiency

The efficiency is evaluated by indicators of how well the combustion products of fuel and oil are emitted. The more buildup there is on the exhaust pipe, the worse the system works. In such a case, replacement will be needed, so it is worth finding out the current catalytic converter scrap price on the market in advance.

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The Impact of Low Efficiency

Consequently, a blocked exhaust treatment system can result from incomplete fuel and oil combustion, leading to malfunctioning and potential harm to the car’s entire system. The exhaust gases have limited avenues to escape, causing damage to various car components. In such circumstances, recycling the converter becomes a necessity.

Experienced car owners recommend paying attention to the fuel consumption rate indicator. This will help to timely detect problems. The service center will be able to revive car parts and restore their performance. Alternatively, they may suggest a replacement in order to not worsen the situation and avoid increasing the risk of engine wear.

What To Do With An Old Auto Part? 

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash, you don’t necessarily have to throw away your old catalytic converter. Instead, consider selling it on an auto catalyst marketplace like AutoCatalyst Market. Not only will you be able to get rid of the unwanted part, but you’ll also be able to make some money from it.

Plus, the website offers a catalog where you can check the approximate prices for your specific model, so you can get an idea of how much you could potentially earn. Don’t let your old exhaust treatment system go to waste – turn it into a profitable opportunity with AutoCatalyst Market.