Why Are Genuine Mercedes Benz Wheels Important?

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Car enthusiasts all around the world know that Mercedes Benz rims are among the best. They know they are rigorously tested; they know they comply with high quality standards… yet some insist on buying counterfeit rims. The main argument in their favor is the lower price, sure, but is it worth it?

Some of those low-grade products show differences starting with their very appearance. The thing is, even if they look good, there are underlying problems which may be quite dangerous. This article is going to show you why genuine rims are the best and how Mercteil can bring them closer to you.


Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 AMG Line

Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 AMG Line (image source: WheelsAge)

Refined appearance

Wheel design goes way beyond quantity and type of the spokes. Manufacturers carefully plan their color layout, the hubcap’s design, and the finish regarding shine and texture. Such refined detailing is rarely mimicked by counterfeit rims; the cheapest ones do not even get the general design right. Taking a closer, attentive look is a simple, yet quite effective way to spot a wheel you should avoid.

Higher resistance

Genuine AMG rims for Mercedes are designed to withstand severe driving conditions. The company specifies design, materials and manufacturing depending on the car model and on its trim. Forged rims, for example, are more resistant while alloy ones are lighter. Low-grade rims often repeat the design while neglecting the material, which leads to unsafe dynamic behavior and excessive wear.

Mercedes-Benz EQC 400

Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 (image source: WheelsAge)

Longer lifespan

High-quality wheels are tested according to several criteria. Pressure and x-ray tests detect cracks that weaken the wheel against stone chips and work load. Multi-layered paint shields the material against corrosion and the effects of weather. Finally, the use of controlled alloys ensures constant properties on all products. All those factors operate together to maximize the wheel’s durability.

Respectable purchase

Mercedes Benz reached the current quality standard after many decades of extensive research and testing. As with any other product, buying original ones is the best way for consumers to show their appreciation to such hard work. Producing, selling and buying counterfeit rims is an insult to all that effort and goes against the passion and dedication true automotive enthusiasts have for their cars.

mercedes-benz EQS 450 SUV AMG

Mercedes-Benz EQS 450 SUV AMG Line (image source: WheelsAge)

Efficient support

Any authorized repair shop can get you spare genuine rims for Mercedes. Besides that, Mercteil has a wide selection of Mercedes-Benz wheels (different sizes and models) which you can easily browse on our website. As if that was not enough, we are glad to help if you need additional information. Counterfeit rims do not follow any manufacturing standards, so you might have a hard time trying to get assistance.

Mercedes rims for everyone!

As previously mentioned, Mercteil.com features a huge catalogue which you can browse at your pace. You can filter the options according to your car model and learn more about each one on its own product page. Once you are ready to make your purchase, keep in mind that we ship worldwide!