With all the white paint, you wouldn’t guess this was a Brabus

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Make yourself comfortable, it’s time for a little history lesson.

Brabus is a German company founded in 1977 in Bottrop, somewhere in the (in)famous Ruhr area of the country. The two people responsible for this are named Klaus Brackman and Bodo Buschmann, and by reading their names you should also get an idea how the naming of the company came by. And how close they must have been to naming it Busbra, if mister Buschmann had insisted he wanted his name to feature first.

See? I promised it was going to be a short one.

Brabus | MercedesBlog.com

Nowadays, they’re a world wide famous Mercedes-Benz tuner specializing in cars that bite you the instant you let your guard down. They also offer restoration services for classic cars and who knows what else goes on inside their numerous werks.

That being said, it’s also worth mentioning the strong connection between the brand and the color black, something we’re pretty sure would make even Johnny Cash a little jealous.

You’ve probably noticed by now that this Brabus G-Class is not black – it’s actually the opposite of black. It’s not the opposite of Brabus, though, since the engine under the hood is a 5.4 liter V8 with no less than 700 bhp. To put this into perspective, the cumbersome G-Class can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds and can keep going all the way to 240 km/h. The top speed might not seem like much, but just look at the shape of the car: any faster than that and the Brabus G would have left a small hurricane in its wake.

If the outside of the car is definitely white, than the interior is inescapably red. The usual quality is there, but the abundance of crimson might make a substance of similar color come out of your eyes. It’s like stepping inside a pomegranate. But as long as the customer’s happy, so is Brabus.

Brabus | MercedesBlog.com

Indeed, when it comes to tuning, Brabus does business in three different ways: it can buy a Mercedes-AMG, tune it the way it sees fit and then sell it to whoever draws the wallet out of his pocket the quickest; the second procedure is similar to the first one only this time a customer places an order first for a specific model (has to be from the current AMG range) and with very specific requirements; finally, if you have a Mercedes-Benz car and you want it tuned by Brabus, you can drop it off along with a hefty cheque and some instructions.

This G-Class is surely the product of one of the latter two situations, which should explain the unfamiliar white paint and the… no, actually Brabus has had its fair share of dubious interiors. But neither the color of the paint, nor the interior trimming is why we love Brabus.