Where and How to Use Valvoline Restore & Protect for Maximum Impact

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Valvoline Restore & Protect Synthetic Oil is a game-changer when it comes to motor oil and engine care. In this article, we’ll guide you on where and how to use Valvoline Restore & Protect for maximum impact. Whether you’re a DIY home mechanic looking for a step-by-step oil change with Restore & Protect or prefer to leave it to the pros with AutoZone’s Oil Change Service, we’ve got you covered.

A Guide for Home Mechanics: Step-by-Step Oil Change with Restore & Protect

If you enjoy working on your car and want to experience the benefits of Valvoline Restore & Protect firsthand, here’s a step-by-step guide to performing an oil change with Valvoline Restore & Protect full synthetic engine oil 5W-20:

  • Gather Your Tools: You’ll need a wrench, an oil filter wrench, an oil drain pan, a funnel, a new oil filter, and the appropriate amount of Valvoline Restore & Protect 5W-20.
  • Safety First: Ensure your vehicle is on a level surface and the engine is cool. Engage the parking brake and chock the wheels for added safety.
  • Drain the Old Oil: Locate the oil drain plug underneath the engine and place the drain pan beneath it. Remove the drain plug and allow the old oil to drain completely.
  • Replace the Oil Filter: Remove the old oil filter using the filter wrench. Before attaching the new oil filter, apply a small amount of fresh oil to the rubber gasket to ensure a proper seal. Screw on the new filter hand-tight.
  • Add Valvoline Restore & Protect: Using the funnel, pour the recommended amount of Valvoline oil into the engine.
  • Check Oil Level: Start the engine and let it run for a minute. Turn it off and wait a few minutes for the oil to settle. Check the oil level using the dipstick and add more if necessary.
  • Dispose of Old Oil: Properly dispose of the used oil at a recycling center or an auto parts store.

Leave it to the Pros: Benefits of Choosing AutoZone Oil Change Service

If you prefer to have professionals handle your oil change, consider AutoZone’s Oil Change Service. Here are some benefits of choosing this option:

  • Expertise: AutoZone’s certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to perform oil changes efficiently and accurately.
  • Convenience: You can schedule an oil change service at your nearest AutoZone store, making it convenient for you.
  • Quality Products: AutoZone uses high-quality Valvoline oils, including Valvoline Restore & Protect, to ensure optimal engine protection.
  • Environmental Responsibility: AutoZone follows environmentally responsible practices for disposing of used oil and filters, contributing to a cleaner environment.

In conclusion, using Valvoline Restore & Protect Synthetic Oil can have a significant impact on your engine’s health and performance. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for a step-by-step guide or prefer professional assistance through AutoZone’s Oil Change Service, Valvoline’s premium products and services are readily available. Make the right choice for your engine and enjoy the benefits of Valvoline Restore & Protect today.