When time stands still – Mercedes-Benz travels to Kyoto, Japan

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They say the leaves color changing is even more spectacular than the cherry blossom. The weather is not humid and the temperature is just right for traveling. We are talking about the country with the highest number of visitors, 20 million, last year. Mercedes-Benz took the CLA Shooting Brake to Kyoto, Japan.

There is no other place in the Land of the Rising Sun that bursts with culture like Kyoto does. The city of over 2,000 temples and shrines, all made of wood, has been defying the centuries. A glass teahouse with a wooden deck welcomes the Mercedes-Benz team with the traditional green tea.

Kyoto, Japan Mercedes-Benz (3)

A millennium and a half old, Kyoto used to be the emperor’s residence before 1869 and the capital of Japan. The capital moved to Tokyo, but Kyoto remained the heart of culture and tradition, blocking modernism outside the city borders.

The time runs slow over here even in 2016. Craftsmen, teachers who show students how to dress and wear the kimono, martial arts sensei-s have all found room right there. The Japanese cuisine has also seen a different dimension in Kyoto.

In a country where the Shinkansen train can reach a speed worthy of a mid-size passenger jet (581 km/h) is the world record), the Mercedes-Benz team took their time to enjoy the very smooth cultural trip through Kyoto.

Source: Mercedes-Benz.