When the tow truck fails to show up, get a wheelbarrow

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How do you take a Mercedes-Benz from point A to point B? We know this from the moment we got our driving license. We start the car and start driving. But what if the engine doesn’t start? We call the tow truck, right? And one more question, last one, we promise: what if the tow truck fails to show up?

If some can move mountains, moving a broken down car can’t be that bad. Well, these guys from Jamaica don’t have means, but they have brilliant ideas! We keep talking about innovative technology, but these two young men are innovators just as much as the engineers in Affalterbach. They manage to carry an old Mercedes sedan from the place where it broken down, all the way back home.

Because the tow truck failed to show up from various reasons, they used a lever to lift the vehicle and put it up on a wheelbarrow. One of them pulled, without even looking back, and the other pushed, while also trying to keep the car in perfect balance.

Maybe it’s not the safest option, but surely they will not get a speed ticket for this, since the Jamaican speed limit is way above their speed! We can almost hear the reggae song playing in the background.

Good job, guys! How come we have never thought about this before?