When disaster strikes. Mercedes-AMG G55 converted into bizarre limousine

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We all know that there are extravagant Mercedes models out there. We have all seen bizarre creations and transformations of the cars bearing the three-pointed star logo. But this one might surpass them all.

A Mercedes-AMG G55 from the United States of America is something that might cause nightmares to the fans of the brand. The high-performance offroader has been converted into a stretched-wheelbase limousine, but that is miles away from being all that is strange about it.

The car received a set of gullwing doors, trying to copy the style of the 300 SL Gullwing and of the SLS AMG, but none of the purposes was achieved.

Bizarre Mercedes-AMG G55

Besides, the vehicle, painted entirely in white, also received an extra axle and an extra pair of wheels, now featuring a total of three axles and six wheels.

This is the exotic creation of Platinum Style Limo workshop in Los Angeles, California. It was made five years ago, but it returned to stardom as it was recently spotted cruising through the City of Angeles. It is, of course, impossible to keep a low profile with this vehicle.

Bizarre Mercedes-AMG G55