When ballerinas train with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Funny video ad

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The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is built to last. We have been hearing this motto for decades. But what happens when ballerinas train with the G-Class? Funny video ad.

The latest video ad for Mercedes-Benz G-Class is quite amusing. The commercial starts with a ballerinas going through her paces, toe-dancing around a dance floor surrounded by concrete walls. Perfect arabesques, gracious pirouettes and everything seems to go smoothly. But when she grabs the support handle, she simply tears it off the wall.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class video ad (2)

As surprised as she may be by her very own force, the young ballerina knows exactly where she got it from. The support handle on her dance floor is similar to that in the dashboard of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. For the rest of the video ad, the iconic off-roader makes a demonstration of force itself. It tackles sand dunes, drifts through the snow and abruptly turns to start all over again.

All of this time, the young ballerina is in the passenger seat of the vehicle that was built to last generation after generation. The video ad shows what happens when grace and elegance meet power and performance in the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.



Mottos for the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class generation, the one in the video ad included

In its latest video ad, posted on the company’s YouTube channel, Mercedes-Benz advertises the G-wagon as “Built to last”. This is just one of the mottos that accompanies the model.

The latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class generation showed up at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2018. The legendary off-roader was accompanied by another motto: “Stronger than time”. Back then, the German premium car maker displayed the first generation of the G-Class encased in a massive resin cube.

The team that set up the gigantic amber installation took 90 days for production and 45 tons of resin. The entire cube with the car inside weighed 52 tons with transport rack.