What’s in store for the next-generation Mercedes-Benz SL?

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Everything will be different on the next-generation Mercedes-Benz. The convertible is set to be developed by AMG, a move that will grant it with more aggressive looks and power to match.

The slow-selling Mercedes-Benz SL will undergo a major makeover. Mercedes is planning anything but killing the roadster, but reinvent it and make it more of a sports car, as the AMG GT models are, Autocar says.

The British website claims that there will be a brand-new aluminum platform underpinning the future car, bearing the designation of MSA (Modular Sports Architecture), just like the future AMG GT series. The platform comes with all the advantages of the specifically-developed suspension, axles and steering system of the GT. The conventional engine will benefit from the assistance of a 48-Volt system, all making up a more efficient hybrid powertrain.

Next gen Mercedes-Benz SL is set to get a soft top, 4 seats and an 800-horsepower version

Autocar writes that the entry level model is going to be represented by the SL450 EQ Boost, with the 3.0-liter inline-six engine that has already found its way beneath the bonnet of various Mercedes models. The EQ Boost will bring 22 extra horsepower.

As we go up the range, we find the SL 53 variant, with a powertrain that will grant it with approximately 450 horsepower. Further up stands the SL500 EQ Boost that gets the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. The fate of the SL 63 and the SL 63 S models, with the latter somewhere above 600 horsepower, that should be at the top of the range, powered by V12 engines, is still uncertain.

The new platform will also bring the next-generation Mercedes-Benz SL a new design, with a cabin pushed rearwards, while the hard top will be replaced by a fabric one, in order to keep the weight under control.

Digital render by Giorgi Tedoradze