What kind of monsters buy BMW cars?

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Apparently, a mother who clearly deserves the “Mother of the Century” award stood in the way of the firefighters who were there to save her three year old stuck inside the family’s car.

The reason? Well, because she’s a selfish prick, that’s why. But more to the point, because she didn’t want to have any of the car’s windows broken. I mean, you know, you can make another child for free, but BMW service prices are quite expensive…

So there she was, protecting her beloved BMW like a lioness mother from the men who only came for the small matter of saving her son. But don’t imagine she was the one who called them – oh, no, she had called a locksmith. I’m sure it was someone in the huge crowd that gathered who called for (real) help.

And when help arrived, she insisted that they waited a little more until the man who could open the door without a scratch would come. The firefighter, being firefighters, had none of it and proceeded to breaking the precious window and saving the little kid who, mind you, was crying and screaming for help all this time.

You know how there’s an online campaign going around on Facebook that warns you against leaving your dog inside your car on a hot day, even with the windows rolled down and “just for a little time”? Well, apparently they didn’t get the memo in China – with the internet being what it is over there – or the mother didn’t think it applied to children as well.

The good news is it all ended well and the kid is alive and well. For now, at least, because you can never know with such a mother… Especially since she must be really pissed about that broken window on her BMW…

We were just kidding with the title, we’re perfectly aware there’s nothing wrong with people who buy BMWs.


Please excuse the image quality. They’re… you know… Chinese…