What if? The Mercedes-Benz SL Coupe pictured by automotive artist

Meredes-Benz SL
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The Mercedes-Benz SL cabriolet facelift has just seen the light of day, as it was officially presented in the always sunny California, less than two weeks ago. But the car is already an inspiration for automotive artists. One of them has just turned the Mercedes convertible into the Mercedes-Benz SL Coupe.

The latest virtual tuning of a Mercedes-Benz comes from Tomi-X Design, the automotive artist who thought of converting the SL cabrio into a coupe, way ahead of the people in Stuttgart. Or probably they never will.

The current SL, code-named R231, was launched in 2012 and it underwent a plastic surgery in the middle of its lifecycle.

The Mercedes facelifted convertible comes with a new diamond front grille split in two by a single blade, very similar to that of the Mercedes-AMG GT. The SL is keeping the typical features of the cabriolet SL family, like the wide track and the large air intakes at the front.

The artist specialized in digital rendering played with a photograph of the newly revealed SL facelift and with one of the Mercedes-AMG GT. He assembled the puzzle and this is what came out. An SL with a fix roof, like that of the GT sportscar, still keeping the massive side vents. But a question still stands? How does the rear side of the Mercedes-Bez SL Coupe look like? Is it similar to that of the GT or does the car stay an SL to the bone? Tomi-X Design will probably share that photo when its rendering work will be complete.

Either way, it is unlikely to see a Mercedes-Benz SL Coupe any time soon, so this rendering will have to do.

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