What if the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Borrowed the BMW 7 Series Split Headlights Design?

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When the Mercedes-Benz S-Class fans laid their eyes on the new BMW 7 Series, they must have thought: Thank God it’s not us. Probably many 7 Series fans did just the same. But what if it was them and the S-Class came with the split headlights design?

The controversial front end design of the new BMW Series made the automotive world skip a beat. Good- or bad-looking, only time will tell if it will grow on us. As difficult as it may be to accept the new split headlights design for all of us watching the car show cars put on day by day, we must be ready to take in the design changes.

A digital artist is preparing all of us for some unexpected move that Mercedes-Benz might make of the S-Class one day. Andras Veres took to Instagram to show us all how the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223 would look with the split headlights layout.

It is only the front end that Andras digitally redesigned with Photoshop tools. But the move seems to change the whole silhouette of the luxury sedan, turning it from sleek to robust. This is probably what BMW was counting on when choosing this layout. Fortunately, he didn’t even touch the radiator grille. But the hood now features a different front outline that goes around the upper area of the extremely narrow lights.

By splitting the lights cluster in two, the CGI artist digitally rebuilds the model. Meanwhile, he claims in the caption of the Instagram post that the Mercedes looks better than the BMW with these lights. We beg to differ. Let’s just give the Bavarian Caesar what belongs to the Bavarian Caesar. And hope that this is not contagious. The massive grille virus included.


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