What if the first Mercedes-EQ electric car was a hatch?

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What if the first Mercedes-EQ electric car was a hatch and not an SUV? A question we admit we haven’t thought about, but Indian designer RMcardesign.com has already addressed. Meet the smallest electric Mercedes.

If Mercedes ever decides to go down the range and build a BMW i3 and Tesla Model 3 rival, this is probably exactly what it would like. Sleek, rounded, the Generation-EQ hatch is an A-Class with attitude, the cool little brother of the future Generation EQ SUV, based on the current GLC.

The most distinguishing feature of all future Mercedes-EQ models is the black panel solid front grille which integrates an LED illuminated three-pointed star logo. As a stand-out design element, this eccentric grille is of course a main attraction point for the Generation EQ hatch, too.

Daimler will bet everything on the success of the all-new Mercedes-EQ sub-brand, dedicated exclusively to electric cars. Until 2025 there will be a total of 10 fully electric Mercedes-EQ and Smart cars available in showrooms, all built on a new modular platform. According to Mercedes’ CEO Dieter Zetsche himself, by 2020, Mercedes will have more than four dedicated electric models in its range.

Image: Rmcardesign.com