What goes up must come down! E-Class collapses during technical check

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So you’ve got an E-Class that is the apple of your eyes. Nothing’s broken, but it needs the annual inspection. Ok, so you take it to the service center. They lift it up to check it. So far, so good.

The mechanics tie the metal straps under the car and brace the supports onto the frame of the vehicle. They also make sure the lift is functioning perfectly. Then one of them activates the lift and the car starts to rise from the ground inch by inch. And it looks like it could go sky high.

Once the car is 2-meter (6-feet) up, the mechanics go under it to check something and he also invites the owner of the Benz to check it for himself. But the expert pulls a bit too vigorously. That’s enough to make the lift shake and the car to lose balance.

Will you please take a sit while watching this? Just so we know you are safe!


The almost 2-ton vehicle collapses, but the mechanic and the owner make it to safety in time. Hopefully, it will be fixed in some other service center, cause the one that was supposed to fix it, destroyed it instead!