What does it take to make an Instagram page popular in 2022?

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Today you have to know something about social media marketing to reach success in developing an Insta resource: the times of #followforfollow and #likeforlike have gone to the past, now it is time for neuromarketing, tips, tricks and various hacks that help to give a profile a good booster right from the start. However, things are not that tricky and it is easy to figure everything out if you spend enough time on it.

In this article we will give you a quick glimpse into the world of modern IG: do you need to buy Instagram followers, what is the best strategy of communication with the audience and is there something that can help to easily maintain the audience you’ve been able to gain? Let’s figure it out!

 Show your brand from its best side – be open, authentic, unique

 Post exclusive things: tell your audience about the “backstage” life of the brand, tell them your story, tell them about your philosophy and your aims in life. People love honesty and sincerity nowadays, as those give them a feeling of a special relationship that they’re forming with somebody that they have never met in real life. It’s like pen pals, but it is 2022 and you’re on social media.

Be creative with the photos you’re making, don’t just blindly copy people who have found their audience and their special style – the copies are easily seen and never liked as much as something authentic, so it is better to stand on the path of self-exploration as soon as possible and to not be afraid to experiment. Trust us on this one, your audience is going to support that way better than if you’d try to steal somebody’s style.

And yes, always stay in touch: if you don’t have time to answer people’s comments and messages, hire a person who’s going to do it for you. Your followers and random viewers should see that you’re open and friendly, and that it is important for you to see that everybody feels at home in your profile.

Don’t forget about a possibility to use paid promotional methods

 If you see that you’re lacking subs, you can buy real Instagram followers to give yourself a booster at the very beginning (or when having difficulties) of your online path. Don’t hesitate doing that, just check if you’re purchasing quality enough services and if you’re going to get real subs and not bots or fakes. Only authentic followers will increase your subs’ count and at the same time will improve the statistics of your profile.

 Follow a regular posting routine

 The one and only thing that will help you to maintain your audience is regular posting. Yes, it is hard, yes, it is not always possible to unstoppably generate quality ideas, but you have to learn how to do it. The best strategy is to always have a content plan filled with various ideas – nice and not that nice ones – and filter them each time that you need to post something new. Nothing else will work as good as a schedule of posting, just trust us and start disciplining yourself.