What Are the benefits of leasing a Mercedes?

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You may consider leasing a car through a Mercedes-Benz dealership. Mercedes has many advantages and few cons when renting a car from them. Not all Mercedes-Benz dealerships will follow the same rules and statutes. You must research and learn about the specific dealership’s rules and regulations. Each dealership may vary regarding what they can offer and include in their leases. Leasing a Mercedes can be a great purchase if you do it the right way. Renting a car can be cheaper than attaining a car loan to purchase the vehicle.  

Multiple Security Deposits  

A security deposit could save you lots of money on a lease. By putting down a security deposit, you can lower the interest rate on your lease, depending on your location. Mercedes leasing permits you to put down as many as ten security deposits. 

Most dealerships only allow a most of 6 to 7 security deposits. Having as many as ten security deposits could put you at an advantage. Mercedes has a one-up on other brands, as most do not allow more than 2 or 3 security deposits. 

Unlike most dealerships, Mercedes will let you get your security deposit back at the end of your lease. Check the Mercedes dealership for details and guarantees. 

Loyalty Incentives 

Mercedes offers a silent loyalty program. You may only know about the incentive program once you lease a car from them, as they do not advertise it. Mercedes will offer current renters the Loyalty Accelerator Program when they reach the end of their lease. 

Loyalty incentives can be a huge benefit when leasing a car. Check with the dealership before signing a lease to ensure you get the loyalty incentives. Your specific model of Mercedes may not be eligible for the Loyalty Accelerator Program. 

Loyalty programs can be a huge added benefit to an already great deal! Loyalty incentives can help you to get a newer car sooner. Loyalty programs through Mercedes could be an added benefit to leasing a vehicle. 

The Lease Includes GAP Insurance

GAP, or Guaranteed Asset Protection, is optional auto insurance at most dealerships. Mercedes includes it in their lease. GAP insurance can be a lifesaver and prevent you from spending money you do not have or cannot afford. 

GAP insurance is always a great idea if you plan to lease a car. With GAP insurance, you may only have to pay the difference between the value you still owe on the vehicle and the car’s residual value. You can use GAP insurance in multiple scenarios, from accidents to stolen vehicles. 

Mercedes takes the worry out of asking yourself if GAP insurance is a good idea or not by including it in their lease. Always ensure you read the fine print about GAP insurance when using Mercedes to lease a vehicle. 

Why is GAP insurance an Added Benefit? 

GAP insurance can be a money-saver if you end up wrecking your car or it gets stolen before you reach the end of the lease. Suppose you owe $20,000 on the vehicle you are leasing and get into an accident. 

The car’s value will decrease if the insurance claims the accident as a total loss. Suppose the accident makes your car worth $15,000. If the repair cost of your leased vehicle were $10,000, then the difference would be $5,000.

Without GAP insurance, you would have to pay $5,000 out of pocket. Having GAP insurance covers you, and you will not have to pay the $5,000 out of pocket. GAP could pay for it for you. Depending on your specific contract, you may not have to pay anything. 

Flexible Credit Options 

Mercedes offers flexible credit options, such as the Rising Star Program. Perfect for those who need help attaining credit! The Rising Star Program can help you if your credit history is absent. 

The Rising Star program is ideal for three types of customers: students, college grads, and first-time buyers or leasers. Most locations will require proof of residency, income, and at least two years of established credit. It would help if you did your research before going to the dealership. 

Though with their Rising Star program, proof may be unnecessary at certain dealerships. It is best to research and ask your dealer about their specific rules and regulations, as it varies from place to place. 


To conclude, there are many benefits to leasing a car through Mercedes-Benz. Though, it would be best to research before going to the dealership. Most dealerships vary in their particular incentives and more. You need to be aware of many vital points before leasing a car through Mercedes, like their specific programs and regulations.