We already got a Mercedes-Benz pickup truck: the S-Class pickup truck

Mercedes-Benz S-Class
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We’ve been holding our breath waiting to see how the new Mercedes pickup truck, built by Daimler together with Nissan by 2020, is going to look like. And by the computer generated pictures, we can tell it was worth the wait. But an aftermarket car rebuilding company in Florida went years ahead and built one already.

This pickup started out in life as a luxurious W126 420SEL sedan, back in 1988. It was initially designed by the famous automobile Italian designer Bruno Sacco and eventually turned into a pickup by German Motorcars in Florida.

In their attempt to make a German car more of an American one, they have removed the entire rear passenger section, together with the roof and the doors, and put an entirely hand-made truck bed instead of all those.

The blue-silver paint combination has got a few dents here and there, but that shows that the S-Class pickup truck has been through a lot, not kept as a trophy in a garage, says the firm that has been trying to sell it for a while.

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On the inside, not much has been changed. The Mercedes pickup truck still holds the original dashboard together with the original blue leather upholstery. As you can see in the picture, time has taken its toll on the a few interior components, like the four-arm steering wheel of the 27-year old car model. But if it’s any consolation, the stereo system has been upgraded to have a perfect sound inside the modified compartment.

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This pickup is propelled by a 4.2 liter V8 with about 230 HP. It features a 4-speed automatic transmission sending power to the rear wheels.

Interested in buying it? Than you should be careful. The ones selling the car say the dashboard clock shows around 35 000 miles (56 000 km), after the sedan was converted into a pickup. But the distance run before that moment, seems to be a top secret. Anyway, it’s all yours for $18,995. And it’s advertised as fully functional, too.