Watch out for elephants! Giant creature destroys a Mercedes!

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If you choose to visit Thailand during the elephants mating season, make sure you’ve got a car insurance policy that covers for damages caused by giant creatures. It doesn’t make much sense, doesn’t it? Well, it will, once you watch the following video.

Some very unlucky tourists had nothing to do but watch the huge elephant use their classic Mercedes as a toy, in Khao Yai National Park near Bangkok. As the footage filmed by a mobile phone shows, the giant sat on it, sniffed on it, rubbed against it and eventually left towards another car and climbed on it. He was not satisfied with that, so he also kicked it around a little bit. All passengers came out of cars unharmed.

A full grown elephant can weigh between 2 and 7 tons (4000 to 14 000 lbs). The damaging event happened around January 2015, which is peak mating season for elephants. We wonder if the car insurance policies in Thailand also cover elephant damage.

A government veterinarian, Patarapol Maneeorn, says elephants don’t usually approach cars, but this particular creature might have been stressed due to mating season, so it apparently tried to mate the vehicles itself, on the road.

This pretty much changes our perspective about, let’s say the New York traffic at rush hour. We used to think that was dangerous!

Monkeys can also wreck a Mercedes-Benz! And quite fast, too. Haven’t you seen them yet? Click here to watch the amazing video!