Watch Out for Mercedes Headlights Thieves in Netherlands

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It look like some dutch “entrepreneurs” are in bad need of headlights from luxury cars – after some Panameras left “blind” some months ago, now it’s time for Mercedes-Benz owners to worry. And this time the cars “suffer” more.

Strange things we here sometimes, and when there are drugs involved in the story, things become even weirder. That’s the case with a gang of thieves in Netherlands, who are targeting luxury Mercedes-Benz cars fitted with latest headlight LED and Xenin technology.

Earlier, in the so-called by the media “Panamera Gate”, the thieves used suction cups to extract the headlights from Porsche Panamera’s in order to use the light and the heat for growing… weed. Now it seems that the thieves are looking for the same purpose, but the process is much harmful for the cars.

As you can see in the photos posted on Facebook by an employee of Stern Auto Mercedes dealer, the dismantle technique is far from being gentle. The headlights are too well anchored so it’s been necessary to cut parts from the hood an bumper and also to damage different other parts of the front end. We don’t know if this a simple case or it’s becoming a trend, but we advice you to take very good care of your Mercedes-Benz in the night when in Netherlands…

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