War in all segments: BMW vs Mercedes in auto motor und sport analysis

BMW vs Mercedes
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BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes E-Class

BMW will launch the new 5 Series generation at the end of 2016. The new 5 Series will have a driver-oriented cockpit and a new i-Drive multimedia system with enhanced menu structure.

The engine range will be based on the universal cylinder of 500 cc and the engines will use the Twin-power turbo technology with variable distribution for admission and exhaust.

Using the knowhow from 7 Series, the new 5 Series will get a Plug-In Hybrid version and a lot of assistance systems which will allow a semi-autonomous driving.

Despite poor sales, BMW will continue to develop a new 5 Series GT, set to be launched in 2017.

Mercedes will launch the new E-Class T-Modell at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The boot volume will remain the same, but the the lines will be more fluid, contrasting with the boxy current form.

BMW 5 Series Touring will appear in 2017 and will feature a bigger boot.

Mercedes E-Class T-Modell (2)

BMW 5 Serie Touring

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